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In the MLM Industry the key to succeeding is building a downline and retaining it. In order to determine how to build your downline lets first look at the factors that need to be addressed in order for this to take place. On joining a MLM opportunity the individual is expecting to see tangible results within 30 days, maximum. It follows suit, as in a 9-5 job you put in the work and then get paid after 30 days or fortnightly. If results are not forthcoming after three months they usually become frustrated and throw in the towel. The reason being there is no downline, it’s not big enough to generate an income from or it repeatedly disintegrates. The process becomes  tedious  if one has to constantly rebuilt their downline  .

Let’s look at it from the new recruits perspective. The sales pitch probably emphasized the attainable goal of earning $30000/month without the need to commute and having time for the family taking holidays and living debt free. He or she is quite fired up as they envision themselves actually achieving all these goals. They apply the family and friends drill, doing the list thing, leaflets and embarrassing button jig. At the end of the third month they haven’t even made $1000 profit. At this stage many quite because it was hard work with little or no result so they settle back into their routine and get on with the slug of the JOB.

In Building a downline there needs to be an incentive for the new member to stay. This point is often times overlooked as the focus is on how much the team leader will make. Addressing the neglect of your downline by sharing and helping them to earn an income will go a long way in addressing retention. In some cases losing downline members works out to be in the interest of the team leader. This applies when a team member they recruited has recruited a star in their downline who they didn’t previously benefit from. This is a gamble and one of the reasons the MLM industry has adapted the reputation of the guys at the top being the only ones who benefit. The con’s out way the pros in this approach and is not the way to run a profitable long term business.

The scenario can be easily reversed to a win – win situation, which would further enhance the benefits all round. No one signs up to an opportunity as a favour to help out anyone especially a stranger. They are there to make money. Many of the individuals are not from a marketing background and are clueless as to what they need to do. Pushing the warm market strategy is not practical for a sustainable business but instead should be replaced by equipping each team member with the means of achieving their goals. With each person achieving their goals there is no need to rebuild your downline.

By enabling each member of the team to earn, they will be able to pass it on to their downline to infinity. This is when the process is applicable in a practical way and offers value for your advertising dollar. Instead of spending to recruit and fill the space of the team member who dropped out you will be able to focus on building your team widely with each team member responsible and equipped for building their downline and side line.
The process of Building a downline requires the team leader to step back and take a look from the team member’s perspective. There should be a clear goal in retaining each sign up. In order to accomplish that it requires an understanding of the expectation of the new team member, which is the same as yours, a regular monthly income. Adapting a team approach as opposed to a one man band approach is the desired alternative. Not only does it ensure retention but also offers value for money. Each dollar spent to recruit a new team member should not have to be re spent in the future. Instead it should be invested in growing the team,  not rebuilding  it. Having a system in place will simplify the process and make it duplicable for the team.
Adapt a team approach to speed up your income growth!

Team Builder
Team 101 Downline Builder


Downline Builder

Posted September 27, 2009 by alkeys
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